Party, joka aloitti kaiken. Ensimmäinen partypaikka oli Illon koulu. Osoittautui lopulta suositummaksi kuin aluksi uskottiin.


  • Music
    1. ‘Scottish whiskey’ by Roz/TFICM
    2. ‘HCRAVE’ by Wizman/Virtual Zone
    3. ‘Picket fences’ by XXXXX/TFICM
    4. ‘Want ya time’ by Tang
    5. ‘Everything’s a cunt-remix’ by Mikey Oh/TFICM
    6. ‘Ja taas’ by Pete/Fit
  • Graphics
    1. ‘Skullet’ by Zebra/Fit
    2. ‘Kultapanda’ by Tablo/TFICM
    3. ‘Rabbit target’ by Wizman/Virtual Zone
    4. ‘Arsekiini’ by Marq/Fit
    5. ‘Vain kuolleen ruumiin yli’ by Tang
    6. ‘Xlord of Shajol’ by Wizman/Virtual Zone
    7. ‘Erker. M’ by Willy/TFICM
    8. ‘A step into virtuality’ by Wizman/Virtual Zone
    9. ‘Kurpitsa’ by Marq/Fit
    10. ‘Road’ by Roz/TFICM
      ‘Valoa läven päässä’ by Vesa
  • Demo
    1. ‘Indro’ by Marq/Fit
    2. ‘Target’ by HTP and ‘Lamedemo’ by Pete/Fit
    3. ‘HC demo’ by Roz/TFICM
    4. ‘Fouk this sheit’ by Banaanit
    5. ‘Machinewhip’ by XXXXX/TFICM
    6. ‘Juhlamoka’ by Banaanit
  • Pinball fantasies
    1. Roz/TFICM
    2. Mikey Oh/TFICM
    3. Tablo/TFICM